Friday, February 24, 2006

Drunk people
Drinking has very different effects for different people. Some people become very happy and sociable when they drink, others become very nasty. There are also those people who shift moods between being very happy and being very nasty, often within the span of a few minutes. Emotions become heightened and inhibitions are lowered -- and people know this happens when they drink. Hangovers are a bitch. Drinking and driving is stupid. However, millions (probably billions) of people still get "hammered" on a regular basis. Why? Drinking is fun. People can relax, and shy people can interact better in a social environment when they drink. And while alcohol is a depressant, there is a time when it lifts one's spirits. This seems to make drinking worthwhile for people. I drink, and I have experienced all of the things I have described above.....yet I still enjoy it. Maybe it's the stories of the things you did while you were hammered, maybe it's because it's easier to talk to the opposite sex, maybe it's because...who knows. People drink, and they will keep drinking for the shits and giggles.


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