Thursday, February 23, 2006

As i was writing the summary on chapter 1 of the style book, I couldn't help but think of Ernest Hemingway. Why? Hemingway's writing style was short and direct, and has been copied by many writers. He was a major reason for the change from long flowery sentences to terse prose. I recently read The Sun Also Rises for a class, and was impressed with his style of writing. He started his career as a journalist, and carried the journalist style of direct writing into his novels.
Another thing I find interesting about Hemingway is his view on women. The women in his works are often portrayed very badly, and one only has to look at Hemingway's own life to understand why he writes about women in this way. He was married four times, and had adulterous affairs throughout his life. He had two views of women: They were either weak and submissive, or they were bitches. With a view like that, how could he ever keep a wife. Hemingway had to have the upper hand in relationships, and was constantly trying to break his lady of the hour. One of my professors has a Freudian-like theory that Hemingway's mother, who was very domineering, shaped his views on women later in life. Hemingway also fell in love with a nurse when he was wounded in WWI who ended up rejecting him. He was nineteen, she was twenty-six -- his first real love. His heartbreak from that affair probably caused a great deal of his bitterness towards women. It is always interesting to read an author's works and then their biography, because their works then take on much more meaning.


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