Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jrnl/My Communities

My basic community would be the town/county where I grew up. I grew up in a small Virgnia town called Tappahannock. It is located in Essex County on the Rappahannock River. This is your basic small town community, with a few prominent families at the forefront of everything that goes on. Favoritism plays a large part in a lot of things that go on, and if you are in the wrong family things can be tough for you. There are the typical rednecks and the "snobs." I have the pleasure of mixing with both classes because I hunt and play golf.

These communities are inside of the larger community. The redneck community consists of guys with old trucks, shotguns, and cases of Natty Light. I have friends who are a large part of this community, and I hunt, during which I interact with them. Problems are simple in this community, consisting of lost hunting dogs and run-ins with game wardens.
The golf community is a bit more complex. There are two golf courses in Tappahannock, and since my grandfather owns one, I am obviously more partial to it. I play golf at both places, but there is definately tension between the two, as they each compete to attract the most players. I play golf with guys who are terrible at the game and I play with guys who kick my butt. There are always good times, even when the golf is bad.
Since I have come to school, I have become involved in more communities. I am obviously a student at Randolph-Macon, and I am in several communities inside of the RMC community.
I am in a fraternity, which means hanging out with guys, arguing with each other, and of course a bit of socializing. Lots of conflicts come up between this community and the school.
I am an English major, and I am a part of that community at Macon as well.


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