Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let's talk about moderation tonight (or this morning). Moderation dominates our world today -- look at politicians. Moderation is a cop out. I am guilty of being a "moderate" myself, because I would describe my political views as moderate. Moderate is defined as "not being excessive or extreme." Society today seems to be so politically correct that moderation is the norm. Those who have extreme views are viewed as crazy or branded as unstable. Moderation is as prominent as it is because people are afraid of making other people angry. Politicians are afraid to take a stance on birth control or gay rights because they will lose votes, so they dick around the issue, not answering anything outright. Moderation is also prominent because it is a form of compromise. When there is a disagreement between countries, countries usually "modify" their views or stances to form a "compromise." Then there is your average joe, who doesn't want to piss off his gun slinging neighbor across the street or his lesbian lover neighbors next door, so he takes a neutral stance when it comes to issues like gun control or gay rights. Moderation is good in some cases, like with drinking (and by moderate drinking I mean not going to the hospital or drinking alone), gambling, etc. However, I think people should care less about what others think or whether others like them. If a rich man feels that he is paying taxes that are too high, he should honestly state his case to his poor cousin (once again, don't take offense at my stereotypes). Let's be honest, let's be truthful, let's not try to please everybody.


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