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Don't read this blog if you hate reading about people bitch, however, since you all go to Macon, I believe everyone can relate to this entry.
Ok, complaint number one is the parking on this campus. I am a senior and I live in Conrad. The parking lot between Conrad and Crenshaw has somewhere between 40 and 60 spaces....yet I rarely find a parking spot there. Remember senior parking in high school? It sort of gave u respect, like when you could cut in front of freshman and sophomores in the lunch line. Well, I have struggled to find parking spots for three years and this year is no different. If I cared enough I would submit a proposal to the school to allow seniors and seniors only to park in a set number of lots. Our parking stickers could have a little symbol on them that identified our cars as "senior cars." Campus safety would then impose hefty fines on those underclassmen who dared park in a "senior spot." I have gotten a couple of tickets for parking in faculty parking...and I don't park there anymore. Kids would learn to let the seniors have their spots as well.
The food at Macon is another issue. After 11 at night, our only option for food on campus is shittly little Southside express, where damp wraps and mouldy sandwiches are available until 1 am. Why am I paying thirty grand to eat a sandwich, chips, and a soda whenever I get hungry late at night? Estes, our cafeteria, is a queasy bowel delight. Enough said on that issue. Our "fast food joint", Macon Coffee, is greasier than an auto repair shop. The situation is can we learn when our stomachs are rumbling from the Estes slop we ate an hour ago? Prison food is probably better. But hey, there are positives to the shitty food and scant hours. The infamous "freshman fifteen" pounds is not nearly as prevalent on this campus, because everyone eats only enough to survive, and hey, let's not forget the sweet little old lunch ladies who know your name.


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now turn this into an editorial....change "bitch" mode to something more reader-friendly. Playful? Witty? Delightfully sarcastic? Also...the best part on an editorial is when, often times, the write offers solutions or makes parallels...give us something to "do" with your bitching!

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