Thursday, February 16, 2006

Since I have gone to college, I have changed communities and changed my role in communities that I have stayed in. For example, I am still a golfer and I still consider myself a part of the golfing community. However, while in my home town of Tappahannock I was on the high school golf team and I played on the junior golf circuit. I also played numerous money matches with golfers in the area. Since I have been in college, I have not been around to play as much. I am too old to play in junior tournaments now, and I don't play in the amount of tournaments that I used to when I was at home. Things have also changed because I am now an "adult," meaning I have been asked to play by adults much more than when I was in high school. I now play more with grown men than I do with kids, which is a logical change.
I have left my high school community because I am in college. I rarely see my high school friends, and wondering whether I will win my next high school wrestling match is no longer on my mind. I would like to think that I am more mature than I was in high school. College has provided me with an education in the real world, which I did not live in when I was in high school.
I am no longer a real member of the church community now. Growing up, I went to church to please my mother, and I did the typical church youth group thing. I haven't totally abandoned this community, but I no longer regularly attend church. It is a community that I may get back into as I grow older, but for now I am in the outskirts of that community.
I am still a member of the hunting community, but like with golf, my role has changed. I now hunt less since I am in school, and I tend to hunt with my father and brother versus hunting with friends. I no longer religiously read "Ducks Unlimited" or "Field and Stream." I have actually become more of an intellectual hunter..ha ha, in that I read about the game populations in Virginia, why the season and bag limits are what they are, conservation efforts, etc.
I am no longer a member of a team now that I am in college. I was a member of the varsity golf and wrestling teams in high school, but I have obviously left those years behind. I considered wrestling in college, but the sport becomes very grueling at the college level and I didn't feel that committed.
I am now in a fraternity, which would be a new house on my street. We argue, bitch, and moan a lot, but overall it is a positive experience. Through the fraternity I have done philanthropy and community service. I have been a member of the RMC Dance Marathon community the past two years because of the fraternity.
The Writing Center has become another house on my street. It would be the house that always turns its lights out early and has the yard mowed twice a week, but it's still on my street. I joined this community because I was an English major and a professor recommended me as a possible consultant.
Of course, the big house on my street would be RMC. This house would have many stories with many different people living in it. This house has outbuildings, which would be the communities that I am in that are a part of the larger Randolph-Macon community.


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