Saturday, February 18, 2006

Start of "skeleton" creative writing story
There was once a young man who wanted to win the State Amateur. He was from a little backwoods town in the northwester part of Tennessee. He played his golf at the town's only golf course, a little beaten up track that could barely stay in business. His job allowed him to play a good amount, and he was good. Very good.
However, he never played with anyone. On rare occasions he would play with his closest friend, another young man who was a decent golfer. He stopped playing with this friend because the man told everyone how superb his game was, and people began to pester him to play with them.
The young man liked solitude, and often played early in the mornings or late at night. Once a group of about ten men showed up and started following him. After hitting two more shots, he briskly walked off of the course. No one saw him for a month afterwards.


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