Friday, March 03, 2006

"Conviction" review

NBC has a new series, "Conviction", that is produced by the same guy that came out with the "Law and Order." The show features young lawyers starting out their legal careers. Nearly everyone on the show is attractive (who would have thought), and each has their own personal issues. I was reminded of "ER" and "Scrubs," although "Conviction" is not nearly as comical as "Scrubs." Like many shows, their are romances and love triangles. Personally, I think all of the women are very attractive, so the show has my boat. Unfortunately, the show is on Friday nights at ten, so I doubt I will watch it very often.
The lawyers work for the city, and in the first episode, their Distract Attorney is shot and killed on orders from a suspect that he was prosecuting. One of the new lawyers unwittingly told the killer where the DA would be eating dinner, which is where the shooting ocurred. He has to deal with bearing some responsibility for the death. Another young lawyer leaves her evidence in the courtroom during lunch, and is berated by the judge for doing so. She finds that some of the evidence, which is drugs, has been taken. It turns out that the judge has taken the evidence to teach her a lesson. She goes on to win the case.
The show ends with two of the lawyers having sex -- and then the woman leaving. The viewer gets the impression that this is kept secret from everyone else in the office, and is an interesting conclusion that leaves one wondering. If you are ever bored on a friday night, tune in. I'd give this show 4 out of 5 "stars."


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