Saturday, March 04, 2006

rewrite of first Kezer article

Newly Elected Amesbury Mayor Thatcher W. Kezer III delivered his inaugural address on Tuesday, January 3 at Town Hall. He spoke about the town’s economic challenges and asked for the support of those who voted against him.
Kezer thanked his supporters and commended his predecessor, David Hildt, on a job well done during his four year term.
Kezer, Amesbury’s third mayor, spoke about the economic challenges facing Amesbury, a town of 1200 people. He commented that the challenges facing the town required the town to come together, forgetting past differences.
“I know there is anger, and frustration and distrust on many sides, but if we are going to succeed as a community, all of us, collectively, have to let that anger, and frustration and distrust go . . . let it go.”
Amesbury’s biggest challenge is that government services are using more money than is brought in by revenue. Specifically, fixed costs like health care and insurance are rising while state aid to cities and towns are being reduced.
Kezer plans to improve the fundamental structures of local government, reducing spending. Investing in projects that lower operating costs and using technology to improve efficiency are keys to reducing government spending.
Kezer also cited economic growth as the key to meeting Amesbury’s challenges.
“Businesses, like people, are attracted to winners. We will have more control if businesses are asking us if they can come to Amesbury rather than the other way around.”
Amesville’s median household income is currently 50,000 a year.

Expanding commercial and industrial segments of the tax base takes pressure off of Amesbury’s residential tax base. It will also provide additional revenues to meet town needs additional revenues to meet our needs.
Kezer stressed that this new growth should improve the quality of life in Amesbury. There are 5100 housing units in the town.
Kezer intends to implement a program called Amestat to provide information crucial to making economically sound decisions. Amestat will hold all levels of local government accountable and improve the ability to measure progress.
Kezer also spoke about the necessity of having school systems capable of educating Amesbury’s children to compete with the world.
“We have to ensure we are doing everything we can to give them the right tools to succeed in their lives. Our community, our region and our country's future depends on it.”
Kezer suggested that veterans and seniors be honored for their contributions to Amesbury by naming streets or parks after them.
Kezer closed his address by urging the community to come together to solve the town’s problems. He promised open and honest communication, fairness, and compassion from his administration.

Online Blurb:
Kezer Addresses Economic Problems, Town Support in Inaugural Address

Mayor Thatcher W. Kezer III asked for town unity in working out local government economic problems in his inaugural address. He plans to implement a program called Amestat to identify ways to improve efficiency. Kezer urged the town to forget past differences and focus on the future of Amesbury.


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