Thursday, March 02, 2006

Spring, Smells, Memories

Today was warm and spring-like, which brought back a lot of memories for me. The temperature reminded me of many good things: golf, baseball in high school, bonfires, the beach, flowers, volleyball games, and old flings. Spring is such a hopeful, happy time that you can't help feeling better when it approaches. Spring leaves the dankness and staleness of winter and energizes everyone. I daresay that the suicide rate is probably the lowest in the spring when compared to all of the other seasons. Today smelled "springy," which caused me to remember a lot of things. I believe humans associate smells with memories -- who doesn't associate freshly baked cookies with their mother or grandmother? If you experienced something, you usually can associate a smell with that activity. Every time I smell Aqua de Gio cologne, I think of this guy named J-roll in my fraternity, because he always smells strongly like that cologne. My mind then starts to think about all of the times I have spent with J-roll, which leads into me thinking about the things we did and the people we did them with. I think it is very interesting to note the connection between smell and memories. People will actually start to cry when they smell a certain odor or aroma because they have such vivid memories associated with that smell.
It is hard to believe that smelling hot dogs on a grill makes me remember a girl named Katie way back in the ninth grade, but it's true. The smell of mud makes me remember duck hunting, old beer makes me fondly think of my fraternity house, and pizza makes me think of my old suite mate, Chris Lehman. Certain perfume makes me remember girls I dated, girls I wanted to date, and girls I dreamed about dating. The smell of cut grass brings me back to the days when I worked on my grandad's golf course for chump change. My dad smells like grease and grass seed, my brother like weed, and my mom like bread. All of these smells make me, even if only for a split second, remember these family members.


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